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Bible sitting on stand Paul The Zealous Apostle is a Course

Paul The Zealous Apostle

Oct 20 - Nov 3, 2020

$18 Enroll

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3 Sessions

What does it take for someone to change their beliefs? Perhaps a relevant question in today’s increasingly polarized society. Paul went from Christian persecutor to proselytizer in a very short time. A self-described zealot who inadvertently started two religions; first Christianity, then centuries later inspiring Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. Amazingly, Paul’s writings still hold relevance to issues we face today. Let’s explore who the historical Paul was, what he wrote, and why it still matters.


Date & Time:

October 3-November 3, 2020
Tuesdays, 10:00AM-11:15AM


Ted Smith


Online, a WebEx link will be provided before the start of class.

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