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The word dream in white lettering on green background More Reality, More Dreams is a Course

More Reality, More Dreams

Nov 17 - Dec 1, 2020

$18 Enroll

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3 Sessions

Continuing our exploration of Reality and the human perception and interpretation of it. Psychology, Biology, Religion and Physics all combine to give us a brief snapshot of reality. In the 20th century, psychologist Carl Jung concluded God directly communicated to humans through dreams. Are dream images universal or unique? What do those dreams mean to us? If Jung is correct, is this the only way we might perceive God? One need not attend Nature of Reality to understand this class.


Date & Time:

November 17-December 1, 2020
Tuesdays, 10:00AM-11:15AM


Ted Smith


Online, a WebEx link will be provided before the start of class.

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Jennifer Krupa,

Photo by Karyme França from Pexels