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black and white photo of pencils THE HAND OF GENIUS: The Drawings Of Michelangelo is a Course

THE HAND OF GENIUS: The Drawings Of Michelangelo

Ended Jun 18, 2020

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No artist surpassed Michelangelo in the way drawings were used to prepare for finished works of art. In this lecture, the whole of Michelangelo's career will be covered in his drawings and how he used them as preparatory studies for his work in such masterpieces as; The Battle of Cascina, The Sistine Chapel, The Tomb of Pope Julius II, The Medici Chapel, and The Dome of St. Peters. The drawing materials he used, and his process of beginning with small rough sketches, which evolved to more finished ones, is explored.


Date & Time:

June 18, 2020
Thursday, 2:00PM-3:00PM


Sean Crum


Online, a WebEx link will be provided to you prior to the start of class

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