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close up of saxophone laying on top of sheet music Jazz At The Movies is a Course

Jazz At The Movies

Oct 7 - Oct 21, 2021

$34 Enroll

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LIVE IN-PERSON CLASS for adults ages 50 and older!

Soundtracks are meant to enhance the emotion in a scene; suspense, romance, grief, or adventure. Yet the uniquely American art form of Jazz is often used in movies to set moods in ways that orchestral music cannot. Joy in the face of oppression. Inspiration from hopelessness, complexity and meaning in the mundane, even a mood of mischief. All the Jazz we will listen to was written specifically for film.


Date & Time:

October 7-21, 2021 
Thursdays (3 Sessions)


Ted Smith


LCCC Main Campus
Spitzer Conference Center, SP 219

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