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cottages in middle of ocean with mountains in the background OCEANIC ART: Religion And Ritual In The South Pacific is a Course

OCEANIC ART: Religion And Ritual In The South Pacific

Ended May 27, 2021

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From the art of the Aborigines of Australia to the art of Paul Gauguin, the South Pacific has drawn people to it's lush verdant landscapes. The last region on earth to be settled, the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and the continent of Australia has attracted cultures whose art is unique from any other place on earth. The ancestor heads on Easter Island, the Maori Meeting Houses, the art of body tattooing, and the Tamberan Houses on New Guinea are imbued with the rituals and religious beliefs of the inhabitants of these far away islands.


Date & Time:

May 27, 2021
Thursday, 2:00PM-3:15PM


Sean Crum


Online, a WebEx link will be emailed before the start of class.

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Jennifer Krupa


Photo by Julius Silver from Pexels