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Assorted fruit of varying colors and sizes Nutrition: Small Steps, Big Changes is a Course

Nutrition: Small Steps, Big Changes

Mar 22 - May 23, 2021

$30 Enroll

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This course covers tips to improve nutrition habits and overall health. Using guidelines from, you will learn to achieve an overall healthier eating pattern. Topics include: balancing calories, foods to reduce, foods to increase, and the five food groups. Weight loss planning and healthy cooking tips will also be discussed. In summary, you will learn small doable steps that we can all take right now to improve overall health and have a major impact on your nutritional well being.

Instructor Katie Hoover is a licensed and registered dietitian who provides one-on-one nutritional counseling to enhance overall health based on one’s nutritional needs. In addition, she specializes in eating disorders.

The course will be delivered through recorded lectures, resource materials and live ZOOM sessions.


Date & Time:

March 22-May 23, 2021


Katie Hoover, R.D.



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