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Drone Information Session is a Course

Drone Information Session

Ended Aug 31, 2021

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Did you know that the drone industry is projected to grow faster than the IT industry and reach $63.6B in drone services alone? While you may think of drones as tools for aerial video and photography, they can also collect visual data that can be analyzed for decision making in many industries, improving efficiencies of their operations. Today, use of drones is a hot trend in Construction, Surveying, Mapping, Engineering, Real Estate, Agriculture and other industries.

This Drone Information session for businesses, presented by an expert airline and drone pilot who is also a drone services business owner, Jason Damman, will give you an overview of the drone industry and drone solutions for a variety of industries. The presentation will also provide guidance on how you can get started with drones for your business.


Drone Industry growth and innovative applications in;

  • Photography and Videograph
  • AEC (architecture, engineering, construction)
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Asset management (3D modeling and inspections)
  • Emergency Response
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • How to get started using drone technology for businesses
  • Drone Laws and FAA Part 107 certification
  • Data management solutions (photogrammetry, 3D modeling
  • Flight training
  • Drone insurance/liability


Date & Time:

August 31, 2021


Jason Damman, Expert Airline and Drone Pilot & Business Owner


Virtual Information Session will be held online through WebEx

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Photo by Flo Dnd from Pexels