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Close up of phone and hashtag Getting Hashtags To Work is a Course

Getting Hashtags To Work

Ended Jul 24, 2020

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You’re hearing conflicting news. Sometimes you hear that hashtags are awesome and you should use them 100% of the time and as many as the platform will allow. Other times you’ll hear that the algorithm has made hashtags completely don’t need them and you’ll never get traffic from them anyway. Oh, not to mention that you have people trying to sell you “hashtag solutions” and telling you that you can “buy” exclusive rights to use “your” hashtag.

Well, none of the above is true. And, in this workshop, you’ll learn the difference between how and why hashtags work on different platforms and you’ll develop a plan to find hashtags that work for your business. You’ll also learn how to evaluate hashtags so that you can create a set of hashtags that will work on each platform you’re using - and - you’ll know how to make changes whenever the algorithm makes its inevitable shifts and changes.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll feel in control of the hashtag game for your business!


Date & Time:

July 24, 2020


Lindsay Sims


Online, Zoom link will be provided before the start of the workshop

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